Loan Application Requirements

  1. Properly-filled up loan application form for individuals and customer fact sheet for corporations
  2. Photocopy of TCT
  3. Photocopy of Tax Declaration
  4. Photocopy of Latest Tax Receipt
  5. Lot Plan and Vicinity Map
  6. Building Plan, Bill of Materials, Construction Cost Estimates, and Specifications (if loan purpose is construction)
If Income of Borrower is from Employment
  1. ITR or BIR Form 2316 for the past two (2) years
  2. Original Certificate of Employment with Salary
  3. Employment Contract Authenticated by Philippine Consulate if working abroad
  4. Crew Contract and Exit Pass with POEA stamp for seamen
If Income is from Business
  1. DTI Registration for Single Proprietorship and SEC Registration, Articles of Incorporation, and By-Laws for Corporations
  2. ITR and Audited Financial Statements for the past two (2) years
  3. Bank Statements for the past six (6) months
  4. Company Profile
  5. List of Major Suppliers and Clients

Fees and Other Terms

Application Fee (if collateral is within Metro Manila)

Php 3,000.00

Processing Fee

Php 2,000.00

Notarial Fee

P250.00 per document

Mortgage Redemption Insurance (to be procured from the bank's Registered insurance company)

Php 3.85 for every Php 1,000.00

Fire Insurance with Prudential Guarantee or Cibeles (if collateral is with improvement)
Opening of a Veterans Bank Savings or Checking Account for automatic debit agreement

Contact Information

To inquire about our Veterans Bank Home Loans, please call our Retail Banking Division during office hours from Mondays to Fridays:
Telephone numbers:
(02) 902-1618
(02) 902-1628
(02) 902-1648
(02) 902-1698

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You may also visit any Veterans Bank branch near you to inquire about our Home Loans Package.

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