Philippine Veterans BankAddress:
Philippine Veterans Bank Main Office Building
101 V.A. Rufino corner Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines 1229

Telephone Numbers:
(02) 902-1600
(02) 902-1700

Brief Background

The idea to establish a veterans bank began in 1956 when the reparations agreement with Japan was concluded. It provided for payment by Japan to the Philippines the amount of US $20 million in cash, P5 million in capital goods and US $10 million in services.Republic Act 1789 or the Reparations Law, placed the cash reparations in a trust fund for the benefit of World War II veterans, their widows and orphans. This fund was meant to be invested into a bank that should service their needs, provide for their future, and harness their potential to once again serve the nation through a financial intermediary that they can truly call their own. We are the Bank of Choice serving and caring beyond our heroes dreams living their legacy of integrity, dynamism, commitment, honor and love of country.


Veterans Bank Home Loans

Today’s new breed of heroes – every hardworking Filipino at home or abroad – dreams of building a home to call their own, a place to nurture their families and their future. At Philippine Veterans Bank, we help build the dream homes of today’s heroes with our Veterans Bank Home Loans – housing loan products tailored to meet every homebuilder’s needs.

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Purpose of Home Loan
  1. House Construction
    • Residential Unit (single family residences or apartments)
  2. Purchase of Residential Unit
    • House and Lot
    • Townhouse Unit
    • Condominium Unit
  3. Lot Acquisition
  4. Home Improvement
    • House Expansion or Remodeling
    • Major House Repairs or Refurnishing
  5. Refinancing of Existing Mortgage / Housing Loan
Minimum Amount to Borrow Php 300,000.00
Maximum Loan Amount

80% of the appraised value of land and improvement, or 60% on vacant lots.

If loan amount exceeds P3.5M, it would be 60% of the appraised value of land and improvements and vacant lots

Maximum Term of Loan

15 years for house construction or purchase of residential units

10 years for home improvements or lot acquisition, or refinancing of existing housing loan

5 years for OFWs, pilots, and flight attendants

Note that age of borrower must not exceed 65 years old or compulsory retirement age (for employed individuals) upon maturity of the loan

Acceptable Collateral

Any real estate property with a Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) free from any lien or encumbrance

Interest rate Competitive Interest Rates! Please call to inquire about our latest home loan rates

Contact Information

To inquire about our Veterans Bank Home Loans, please call our Retail Banking Division during office hours from Mondays to Fridays:
Telephone numbers:
(02) 902-1618
(02) 902-1628
(02) 902-1648
(02) 902-1698

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You may also visit any Veterans Bank branch near you to inquire about our Home Loans Package.


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