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Housing Programs

LBP Pabahay Program LBP Easy Home Loan Program
Bahay para sa Bagong Bayani (3B) Program LBP-NHA Cooperative Pabahay Program
CFIs Home Lending Program  


LBP Easy Home Loan Program


  • Minimum loan amount : P500,000.00.
  • Maximum loan amount : Based on the monthly repayment capacity of the borrower.
  • Loan value of collateral : Up to 70% of its appraised value.
  • Repayment term : Up to 20 years.
  • Monthly debt servicing :Thru automatic debit from the borrower's savings or current account with LANDBANK.
  • Interest Rate : Based on the prevailing rate at the time of availment, fixed for one (1) year and subject to repricing every six (6) months thereafter. (Interest Rate as of January 15, 2004 is 10.5% p.a)
Qualified Borrowers
  • Filipino citizens.
  • Corporations or entities which are at least 60% owned by Filipinos.
  • Corporations or entities which have been operating for at least three (3) years.
  • Borrowers who are either gainfully employed or with lawful and profitable business.
  • Borrowers with good credit standing.

Acceptable Loan Purposes

  • Purchase of house and lot.
  • Purchase of residential lot within acceptable location.
  • Construction of a residential building owned by the borrower
  • Renovation of existing residential property of the borrower
  • Refinancing of existing housing loan which is not past due or never been past due with other banks or financing firms.

Documentary Requirements

  • Certificates of employment and monthly net take home pay of the borrower.
  • Audited financial statements of the business for the last three years.
  • Corporate papers duly registered with the Philippine Security and Exchange Commission.
  • Bio data of major stockholders of the corporation/entity.
  • Financial statements and Income Tax Returns filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue for the last three years.
  • Copy of Torrens Certificate of Title (TCT) for the offered collateral.
  • Tax Declaration of the offered collateral.
  • Updated Real Estate Tax Payment clearance for the offered collateral.
  • Photograph of the offered collateral.


LBP-NHA Cooperative Pabahay Program


  1. To provide qualified agri-based and non agri-based cooperatives with a credit fund for the housing requirements of their homeless members;
  2. To address the housing requirements of the non-formal/marginalized sector such as the small farmers, fisher folks, ambulant workers, tricycle drivers, vendors and the like.
Eligible Borrowers

Cooperatives that comply with the following Accreditation Criteria:

  1. A Bank Assisted Cooperative (BAC) or a Newly Accessing Cooperative (NAC) with satisfactory credit and /or substantial deposit dealings with LBP for the last three (3) years.
  2. Duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) and its loan application duly endorsed to LBP by the NHA.
  3. At least categorized as Class B cooperative per LBP Cooperative Accreditation Criteria (CAC) at the time of the housing loan application for both NACs and BACs with good track record and healthy financial standing and with at least on (1) year of satisfactory relationship with LBP.
  4. With an existing MOA with NHA formalizing the technical assistance (TA) to be provided.
  5. Must have no negative credit findings on cooperative's key officers and directors and no major disputes within the cooperative.

Loan Purpose

  • Land Development and Housing Construction;
  • Purchase of lot, provided the construction of housing units shall start six (6) months from the date of first release of loan.
  • Construction of a new house or a dwelling unit on owned lot;
  • Purchase of house and lot, condominium or a townhouse unit with a purchase price up to P500,000.00 per unit;
  • Purchase with assumption of mortgage of an existing house and lot unit previously financed under the Unified Home Lending Program (UHLP);
  • Purchase and repair of existing residential properties foreclosed by a lending agency or bought back by the Developer/Originator or Home Guaranty Corporation under the UHLP; and
  • Purchase of a lot under the National Housing Authority (NHA) site and services program, provided the construction of housing units shall start six (6) months from the release of the first release of the loan. Funding priority shall be given to socialized and low cost housing projects.

Loan Terms

  1. Loanable Amount
    The cooperative shall be given a Home Lending Line (HLL) subject to annual review/renewal, based on the following ceiling:
    • Socialized Housing - One hundred percent (100 %) of socialized housing package equivalent to P 180,000
    • Low Cost Housing - Ninety percent (90 %) of Total Project Cost (TPC). The cooperative shall put up at least 10% equity contribution to the Total Project cost.
  2. Interest Rate
    • Socialized Housing - A fixed rate of 9% per annum for the term of the loan.
    • Low Cost Housing - Thirteen percent (13%) per annum subject to annual re-pricing based on Easy Home Loan (EHL) posted rate.
  3. Term

    Maximum term of fifteen (15) years. The cooperative shall be given the option to fix the repayment term provided it does not exceed fifteen (15) years.

How to apply

All eligible borrowers shall file their accreditation and cooperative loan applications to the LBP lending unit where their project is located. The concern LBP lending unit shall process the cooperative loan applications in accordance with the standard loan processing and evaluation set by the Bank.

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