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About Us


The Land Bank of the Philippines is a government financial institution that strikes a balance in fulfilling its social mandate of promoting countryside development while remaining financially viable.

This dual function makes LANDBANK unique. The profits derived from its commercial banking operations are used to finance the Bank's developmental programs and initiatives.

Over the years, LANDBANK has successfully managed this tough balancing act as evidenced by the continued expansion of its loan portfolio in favor of its priority sectors: the farmers and fisherfolk, small and medium enterprises and microenterprises, livelihood loans and agribusiness, agri-infrastructure and other agri- and environment-related projects, socialized housing, schools and hospitals.

Today, LANDBANK is by far the largest formal credit institution in the rural areas. Its credit delivery system is able to penetrate a substantial percentage of the country's total number of municipalities.

LANDBANK also ranks among the top five commercial banks in the country in terms of deposits, assets, loans and capital.

From its initial role as the financing arm of the agrarian reform, LANDBANK has evolved into a full-service commercial bank. But the essence of its existence has not changed at all - and that is to make the countryside continuously throb with life.

Housing Programs

LBP Pabahay Program LBP Easy Home Loan Program
Bahay para sa Bagong Bayani (3B) Program LBP-NHA Cooperative Pabahay Program
CFIs Home Lending Program  


LBP Pabahay Program


As part of the Bank's social mission, LANDBANK launches a program that allocates a housing fund for the purpose of lending to eligible borrowers particularly the homeless Filipino families.


    1. To establish a comprehensive basis for providing home financing to end-buyers.
    2. To ensure an efficient collection system.
    3. To present the conditions for automatic guaranty coverage by the HGC of the bank’s housing loans under the program

How to Apply

    1. Socialized housing applications shall be filed in batches to the nearest LBP Lending Unit, by Registered developers or local government units/agencies/corporations wherein collection scheme must be thru payroll deduction with the conforme of the employer.
    2. Open housing applications shall be filed individually or in batches to the nearest LBP Lending Unit, wherein collection scheme may be thru any of the following manner: (a) thru payroll deduction, (b) issuance of post dated checks or (c) debit system.


Bahay para sa Bagong Bayani (3B) Program

To improve the living condition of Overseas Filipinos (OF) through the provision of shelter or improvement and renovation on their future or existing abode at relaxed and flexible terms.

Eligible Borrowers
  • Holding a live contract from employer;
  • Filipino citizens;
  • At least 21 years old and not more than 65 years old upon maturity of the loan;
  • Clear of adverse credit findings with other creditors

Eligible Loan Purposes

  • Purchase of residential lot, house and lot, and residential unit like condominium and townhouse;
  • Construction, improvement or renovation of existing residential unit owned by the OF; and
  • Refinancing or assumption of existing mortgage loan of the OF

Loan Amount

  • Loan amount shall be the lowest of the paying capacity of the OF or loan value of collateral with loan value of 80%;
  • Construction, improvement or renovation of existing residential unit owned by the OF

Interest Rate

Prevailing LANDBANK interest rate on Housing Loan, either fixed for 5, 10, 15, 20 years subject to annual repricing.

Project Cost Financing

  • LANDBANK – up to 80%
  • Borrower – OFW – minimum of 20%


The loan shall have maximum tenors as follows:

  • Twenty (20) years, for OF with co-borrower; or
  • Fifteen (15) years, for OF without a co-borrower


  • Primarily, the object of financing, or separate prime property, if warranted;
  • Other collateral that may be accepted, in addition to the object of financing:
    • Hold-out on deposit; and/or
    • Agrarian Reform Bonds


CFIs Home Lending Program (CHLP)


In line with our commitment in the implementation of the Multi Window Lending System (MWLS), LANDBANK offers a conduit financing scheme that shall cater to the mass housing needs of LBP's mandated countryside clients. The facility aims to provide CFIs with a credit fund for the housing loan requirements of their borrowers.

Eligible Borrowers
  • Rural Banks (RBs)
  • Cooperative Banks (CBs)
  • Thrift Banks (TBs) – except those TBs owned by / affiliated with Commercial Banks (KBs)
  • Stock Savings and Loan Associations (SSLAs)
  • Savings and Mortgage Banks (SMBs)
  • Private Development Banks (PDBs)
How to Apply
All eligible borrowers shall file their accreditation and loan applications to the nearest LBP lending center /CFI Account Officer.

Accreditation Criteria

The criteria for accreditation of a countryside financial institution as a lending window shall be as follows:

  • Net worth to Risk Asset (RAR) must be at least 12% (net of CFI's deposit with LANDBANK);
  • Net Past Due Ratio (PDR) must not be higher than 25%;
  • Profitable operations for the last three years preceding the availment of the line;
  • BSP capitalization requirement must be met;
  • Adequate reserves for the four (4) weeks period preceding application;
  • Operations conform substantially with the policies and guidelines of BSP;
  • Must provide sufficient manpower competent to handle the program;
  • Must agree to use standard mortgage documents and forms as prescribed by LBP;
  • No adverse findings on owners/key management and no major dispute among owners/management;
  • Must be Registered with any program of LANDBANK;
  • Must have at least ten (10) prospective eligible sub-borrowers or a minimum aggregate project cost of P1,000,000.00.

Eligible Sub-borrowers

Members of good and active standing of the SSS, GSIS or HDMF

  • The sub-borrower must secure a Certificate of Loan Eligibility (CLE) from the SSS / GSIS which must be valid at the time of filing of the loan application; and HDMF's duly notarised Affidavit certifying that the borrower has no existing housing loan with said agency.
  • The sub-borrower has not availed of any housing loan from any of the three funding institutions and/or Registered lending window under the UHLP, either as a principal or as a co-obligor except for the purpose of residential lot purchase only. When a co-obligor has been relieved of responsibilities as co-obligor, he/she shall be qualified as a principal borrower under this program;
  • The sub-borrower must have no any pending case in the court and / or adverse credit findings; and
  • Income requirement:
    • Gross family income of above P10,000.00
    • Minimum net take home pay of P2,000.00 (General Appropriation Act) after statutory deduction and debt-servicing/long term loan.

Interest rate

LBP Funds

  • 13% p.a. for loans P 181,000 to P500,000 with annual repricing based on EASY Home Loan (EHL) posted rate
  • EHL posted rate for loans above P 500,000 with annual repricing.

Penalty rate

Twenty-four (24%) percent p.a. based on the total monthly amortization and other loan obligation due

HGC Guaranty

Cash and Bond guaranty on the outstanding principal balance of the guaranteed loan plus interest thereon at 8.5% to 11% depending on the loan amount.
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