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Home Loan

Owning a home has never been this light and easy! With EastWest Bank Home Loans' lowest rate at 5.88%* fixed for the first year, getting that real estate property is now so easy on the pocket! Clients can enjoy a great deal of savings which they can use for other expenditures or purchases. Plus, EastWest Bank also provides flexibility and ease with payment terms of up to 30 years.

Unique Product Features Requirements General Frequently Asked Questions
Eligibility Payment Options  
Interest Rates Home Loan Process Flow  

Payment Options

         Acquisition / Reimbursement / Loan Take – Out / Home Equity

  • One time release (thru Managers Check / credit to clients account)

         House Construction

  • Staggered releases usually done in  4 – 5 tranches (based on the % of completion of the improvement)


  • PDC (12 checks)
  • ADA (Automatic Debit Arrangement) if client has an existing EWB account


Home Loan Process Flow



General Frequently Asked Questions

What are the document requirements to apply for a home loan?
The following are required during application process:
From the borrower

  • Completely filled-out application form
  • 2 copies of government-issued photo-bearing ID
  • Certificate of Employment or 3-month payslip (optional for higher loan amount)
  • Latest ITR
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Others that may be required by Credit

Additional documents if with business

    • List of major suppliers
    • Bank statements for the last 6 months
    • Income Tax Return and Audited Financial Statement with BIR Stamp
    • Company registration papers (DTI or SEC)
    • If with rental or leasing business:
      • Contract of lease
      • Copy of TCT/CCT under lease


  • Copy of the title (should be provided by seller)
  • Copy of the tax declaration for the land and/or improvement
  • If construction, building plan, specifications, and bill of materials

If Refinancing (Take-outs)
History of past payments or Official Receipts of Payment for the last 12 months
Statement of Account/s

Where can I get an application form and where to submit?
Application forms can be secured from the following:

  • EWB Branches
  • EWB Website (www.eastwestbanker.comarrow)
  • Request from Call Center to be delivered to applicant’s address
  • Fax or email form to client

Once application is fully accomplished/signed and required documents are completed, the borrower can submit the documents through the following means:

  1. Personally hand carry to any EastWest Bank Branch or to EWB Mortgage Loan Office in Pasong Tamo (look for Mortgage Sales Officer/Staff)
  2. Send through courier at borrower’s choice (LBC, Air21, etc.) and send to the following address:
    EastWest Bank Mortgage Sales Department,
    G/F EastWest Bank Building,
    2264 Pasong Tamo Extension,
    Makati City
  3. Send through fax to Call Center (fax server at 8308911/8308900) or to EWB Mortgage Sales Department (8402205)
  4. Scheduled pick-up by courier (not yet in implemented, to be announced)

Who should I follow up with regards to loan processing?
Borrowers are advised to contact EWB Call Center and will coordinate with proper unit for disposal.

How long will my application be processed?
Application processing, depending on completion of required documents, will take 5 working days.  Loan booking/release of proceeds will take an average of 1-3 months, depending on turnaround time of Registry of Deeds in processing title verification and transfer.

What are the step by step process to avail a home loan?
Upon receipt of the signed application form and required documents the following will be the procedure the borrower will need to go through:
 1. Pre-Screening (evaluate borrower’s capacity to pay mortgage)

  • EWB Mortgage Sales will verify completion of submitted documents, should docs be incomplete/missing, borrower will be called within 24 hours to follow up completion of application documents (Day 0).
  • Borrower will be required to pay Appraisal Fee prior to submission of application requirements (Appraisal must be done prior to loan approval).
  • Upon completion of documents, loan application will be forwarded to EWB Credit for actual loan processing (Day 1).
  • Once processed, Borrower will be informed if application is approved or declined (Day 3-5) by EWB Mortgage Sales. If approved, the borrower will be informed of post-approval requirements:
    • Original Title under the borrower’s name
    • Tax Declaration
    • Tax Receipt
    • Tax Clearance
    Once approved, succeeding process will progress within 1-3 months depending on the process by each Registry of Deeds office where Title is located/assigned.

    Borrower to settle other bank charges (for processing of necessary documents like Processing Fees, Insurances, Registration Fees and Doc Stamps)

2. Booking of Loan (Release of Loan proceeds)

  • Borrower to sign the following:
  • Promissory Note with Disclosure Statement
  • Loan and Mortgage Agreement
  • Letter of Guaranty (LOG)
  • Loan Schedule
  • Bank to annotate REM (Real Estate Mortgage) to its favor
  • Borrower will be notified on Loan Release and submits PDCs depending on the mode of payment selected.

Do I have to pay any fees?
Borrowers will be required to settle various fees prior to loan release/booking:

  •  Appraisal Fee (to be paid first by borrower and will be given a 100% rebate once loan proceeds are released)
    • P3,000 for Grater Metro Manila Area
    • P5,000 for provincial area
  • Bank Charges – X% of total loan approved to cover Mortgage Redemption Insurance, Fire (if applicable), Processing Fee, Doc stamps and other related charges. These are to be paid upon signing of loan documents.

How will I be able to get the loan proceeds?
Loan Proceeds are released through Manager’s Cheque and should be personally picked-up by the borrower to sign other loan release documents.
How do I pay my amortization?
Borrower can either pay through submission of Post-Dated Cheques (PDC) or open an EastWest Bank Account and enroll for an Auto Debit Arrangement.

Can I pay my principal amount in advance or prior to the maturity date?
Yes. The borrower may have the option to terminate the mortgage loan in advance.  However a nominal processing fee will be charged (3% of remaining principal balance) from the borrower to process loan termination.  Borrower will be directed to EWB Mortgage Sales/Operations for processing.
What will happen if I become delinquent with my monthly amortization?
The borrower will be called by EWB Collections to remind updating of payment and will incur additional charges (late payment charges, other fees as deemed by collections).  Delinquency beyond 90 days will be endorsed for legal actions.


On Borrower's Eligibility

How much income is required in order for me to apply for a housing loan?  
Not less than PHP40,000. However, your monthly loan amortization plus other external loans being amortized must not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income.

My source of income is from my current employment. What are the qualifications to accommodate me as a loan borrower? 
You must be permanently employed with your current employer and has been with the company for at least 3 years. The monthly amortization plus other external loans being amortized should not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income.

I am a businessman. What are the qualifications to accommodate me as a loan borrower?  
Business must be in the existence for at least 3 years and has shown profitable operations with appropriate business documents.


Acquisition of Property

Available loans for acquiring a property? 
EastWest Bank has 3 different aquisition programs to choose from:

Lot Acquire      - for lot purchase
Home Acquire - for house/Townhouse and lot purchase
Condo Aquire  - for codominium unit purchase.

How long is the term?
The maximum loan term can go as long as 30 years. Except for Lot Acquire at 10 years being the maximum, and Condo Acquire and Home Flex which are 15 years maximum.
What collateral do you accept?
Any real estate property within Metro Manila or key provincial areas. Or a property within the serviceable area of an Eastwest Bank Branch.

I am planning to purchase a house and lot but I don’t have any existing property to offer as collateral. Is it possible that the property that I am buying could be submitted as collateral for my loan?
The property you will purchase will be your collateral to the loan.

Can Eastwest Bank directly pay my developer/seller once the loan is approved?
Once your loan has been approved and is ready for release,  you can request Eastwest Bank to issue the check to your developer or seller. For acquisition purposes, checks are payable directly to the developer/seller.

I am buying a property but I don’t want to submit it as collateral for my loan. Can I submit other properties as collateral instead?  
Eastwest Bank accepts other collateral aside from the property that you plan to purchase. However, the loan will fall under the Home Flex Program and will give a maximum loanable amount of 60% of the appraised value of the collateral that you plan to submit.


On Home Construction / Renovation Loan

I have an existing vacant lot and I am planning to construct a house on it. Does Eastwest Bank accommodate house construction loan?
This will fall under the Eastwest Bank’s Home Construct Loan Program.

I plan to construct a house on my existing vacant lot, can I borrow funds using this as my collateral?
You can borrow against your existing property including the value of your proposed improvement. Valuation of your lot will be done via property inspection, and valuation of your proposed improvement will be based on the bill of materials and building plans that you will submit to us.

For a loan to be used for house renovation/construction, can I submit a collateral other than property I am renovating?  
Under the Home Construct/Home Improve Loan Program, the collateral should be existing property you intend to renovate. But if you want to submit a different collateral, your loan will fall under the Home Flex program which could give you a maximum loan amount of 60% of the appraised value of the collateral.

Can the proceeds of a construction loan be released lump sum?
Usually, loan releases are done on a staggered basis depending on the project completion. The bank allows a one-time loan release if the loan amount is less than half of the value of the lot offered as collateral.


On Loan Take-out / Refinancing

I plan to take-out my existing housing loan with another bank. My outstanding balance is PhpXXX.
I want to maximize the loan amount when I transfer my loan with Eastwest Bank. Is that possible? How much could I borrow?

Eastwest Bank accommodates refinancing or take-out and could give you as high as 80% ( depending on loan purspose) of the total appraised value of the property that you plan to offer as collateral. You may opt to maximize the amount of your loan, wherein portion of the proceeds will be used to pay-off your existing balance and the remaining fund for other purpose like additional working capital or house renovation.

Can Eastwest Bank refinance my existing housing loan with Pag-ibig/SSS?
Eastwest Bank usually accommodates loan refinancing and take-out from other financial institutions. Under normal loan take-out process, we would only issue Bank Guaranty to have the TCT released by other financial institution and have it annotated with mortgage. We don’t normally refinance accounts taken out from Pag-ibig/SSS. Or we take them on a case-to-case basis from these types of organizations because they require full payment of principal before releasing the TCT.

On loan take-out or refinancing, what are the other fees that would be charged to me?
Aside from the usual fees, the bank will charge you a cancellation of mortgage fee. However, the fee depends on the outstanding balance of the loan that we will pay off from your bank.

If I apply for refinancing, what are the documents that I need to furnish?
We will require you to submit copies of your updated Statement of Account.


On Interest Rates and Payment Plans

What is your interest rate? 
The current housing loan rate is __% for an annual repricing scheme. However, we do encourage to avail a Customer Protect Financing Scheme if you want a fixed amortization schedule and prevent interest rate fluctuation (e.g. encourage a 5 year repricing rate if customer is getting a 15 year term, or a fixed rate for the duration of the loan).


On Processing and Fees

How long will it take to process my application?
Eastwest Bank could give you  decision after five (5) to ten (10) working days provided that you’ve submitted complete documents and provided complete information upon turn in.

How long it will take Eastwest Bank to release the proceeds of my loan?
Once your loan is approved and all required bank documents have been signed, we could release the proceeds within 5 days provided that Title Annotation with Registry of Deed is completed, and all original collateral documents such as TCT/CCT, Tax Declaration, Tax Receipts and Tax Clearance have been submitted.
What fees do you charge if I avail of a housing loan?
The Appraisal Fee should be paid prior to loan processing and submission of documents.  Once approved and booked, the appraisal fee will be reimbursed along with the loan proceed. Other charges such as application processing, doc stamps, registration fee and insurance then have to be paid prior to the release of loan proceeds.


On Payment of Monthly Amortization

How could I pay my monthly amortization?
Manner of repayment could be done through issuance of 12 Post Dated Checks (PDCs) equivalent to one year payment. But, you may also opt to open a savings or current account with us and pay your monthly amortization through an Auto Debit Arrangement.

What if I don’t have a current account? What are the other options for me in paying my monthly amortization?
We will require you to open a savings or current account with us where we could debit your monthly amortization.

I don’t have an existing account with Eastwest Bank, will I be required to open an account once my loan get approved?
We encourage you to open an account for ADA.  However, if you have an existing current account with other banks, you could issue Post Dated Checks (PDCs) equivalent to the duration of the term (min 12 for 1 year) to be replenished yearly in sets of 12 POCs upon advise.


On Pre-Payment Penalty

Does Eastwest Bank charge pre-payment penalty? How much is the pre-payment penalty?
No. However, there is a 3% Processing/Handling fee to be settled based on the amount that you plan to pay-off.


On Overseas Filipino Workers

I want to purchase a property, but I am currently based abroad. Since I cannot do the transaction by myself, could I ask my spouse/brother/sister/parents to do the transaction for me?
You will need to assign an Attorney-in-Fact who could do all the transactions for you. However, your assigned Attorney-in-Fact must be a 1st degree relative and must sign as your co-borrower to the loan. Also, you will be required to execute an Irrevocable Special Power of Attorney duly authenticated by Philippine Consulate.

My wife/husband is working abroad and we plan to construct a house on a vacant lot under her/his name. What requirements does he/she need to submit?
The wife/husband needs to submit the following requirements:

  • Contract of Employment/Certificate of Employment (with validation by the Philippine Consulate)
  • Income Tax Return
  • History of Employment/Latest Crew Contract, if applicant is a Seaman.

Since the lot is under your husband’s/wife’s name, you will also need a Special Power of Attorney indicating that you can do the loan transaction with the bank on his/her behalf.


On Other Matters

My account has been inactive for sometime, will this affect my application?

If you do not have any active bank accounts for the moment, your Certificate of Employment and Compensation will be used as the sole basis in evaluating your qualifications.

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