The Bankers-Builders-Buyers (BBB+B) Program is an enhancement of HGC's mandate as Fund Mobilizer for Housing. The program aims to bring together bankers, builders and buyers in a housing finance circle complementing each other's needs and functions.

The BBB+B Program aims to:

  • Assist partner banks promote housing loan products to builders and home buyers;
  • Bring builders to banks for project financing and promoting their housing units to prospective buyers; and
  • Guide homebuyers to self-qualify for housing loans and provide them with home-buying options according to their financial capacities and other preferences such as types of housing unit, location, etc.

Prospective homebuyers and the general public can avail of BBB+B services through the official BBB+B website. The BBB+B website is an online database of housing loan products of partner banks, available housing units of partner developers, home buying tips and guides, FAQs and various other information.

For its part, HGC:

  • Guarantees payment of individual housing loans extended by partner banks and financing institutions through HGC’s Retail Guaranty facility;
  • Guarantees payment of loans extended by partner banks to developers for the development of subdivisions, townhouses, dormitories, apartments and other residential dwellings through
    HGC’s Developmental Guaranty facility; and
  • Guarantees payment of securities sold to raise funding for housing developments/programs through HGC’s Securitization program.

HGC Mandate

The Home Guaranty Corporation (HGC) is a government-owned and controlled corporation under the administrative supervision of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) currently chaired by the Honorable Vice President Jejomar C. Binay

HGC's mandate are:
Under Republic Act No. 8763 (Home Guaranty Corporation Act of 2000)
  1. To guarantee the payment of any and all forms of mortgages, loans and other forms of credit facilities and receivables arising from financial contracts exclusively for residential purposes and the necessary support facilities;
  2. To assist private developers to undertake socialized, low and medium-cost mass housing projects by encouraging private funds to finance such housing projects through a viable system of long-term mortgages, guarantees and other incentives;
  3. To promote homebuilding and landownership, giving primary preference to the homeless and underprivileged sectors of the society;
  4. To promote housing by the aided self-help method; and
  5. to pursue the development and sustainability of a secondary mortgage market for housing.

    Under Republic Act No. 6846 (Abot-Kaya Pabahay Fund Act)
  6. To administer the Cash Flow Guaranty component of the Abot-Kaya Pabahay Fund (AKPF).
The AKPF is a guaranty facility exclusively covering socialized housing loans extended by the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-ibig Fund, Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS), the Social Security System (SSS) and their Accredited financial institutions.

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